Why Your Doctor Says You Should Wash Your Fruits And Vegetables Before Eating

What makes washing the fruits and vegetables you eat important? Why does your doctor keep telling you to ensure that you wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption? Well, there may be several reasons for that. But one of those reasons is that the fruits and vegetables you eat are loaded with pesticides and chemicals which makes them harmful to human health. Pesticides are primarily used for the cultivation of crops. In cases where they are used to cultivate fruits and vegetable however, the fruits and vegetables are exposed to possess a highly unacceptable amount of pesticides. High levels of chemical and pesticides pose a threat to human health by damaging nervous and reproductive system, disrupting the immune system and may even lead to cancer and other kind of diseases.

This risk factor is what makes it necessary for you to wash your fruits and vegetables in the right way in order to stay safe from disease. Although pesticides and chemicals can keep your food items safe from insects and pests, the residue of the pesticides and chemicals stay on the produce which can be very harmful to your health when consumed.

That being said, let us talk about the best ways to get rid of these harmful pesticides and chemicals from your fruits and vegetables.

3 Best Methods To Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits And Vegetables

Washing of fruits and vegetables with water along do not effectively remove these harmful pesticides and chemicals form the surfaces of our fruits and vegetables. You nee to do more than that if you want to have safer fruits and vegetables for consumption.

Below are some helpful tips which help to remove pesticides and other harmful chemicals from fruits and vegetables.

  • Wash with salt-water: According to the center for science and environment, washing fruits and vegetables with 2% salt-water helps in removing most of the pesticides present on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables.
  • Vinegar Soak: Make a solution with 10% vinegar,90% water and soak all your fruits and vegetables in them and stir them thoroughly. Be careful while washing fruits with thin peer such as berries as the solution can damage their outer skin.
  • Soak fruits and vegetables in warm water: keeping your fruits and vegetables in warm water for a short time will help you remove pesticides and chemicals from the surfaces of fruits and vegetables.

Other Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Fruits And Vegetables Before Consumption

As stated earlier, there are several reasons why doctors advise proper washing of fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Pesticides are the only threat to your health. There are other risks to your health on the surface of fruits and vegetables that are not properly washed. Below are some other reasons why you should take washing your fruits and vegetables more seriously.

  1. Dirt and Manure: Your fruits and vegetables often contain natural fertilizer like manure. I am sure you would not like put food items with animal fecal matter into your mouth, would you? So it is important to wash your food items properly to get rid of dirt and natural fertilizer. Fruits and vegetables can also be contaminated by animals and poor hygiene among the workers who handle them before purchase.
  2. Microorganisms: like yeast, mold and bacteria work very hard to make sure your fresh fruits and vegetables get spoiled. About 20% of all produce is lost to spoilage caused by microorganisms. Therefore, washing your fruits and vegetables properly before consumption helps you get rid of these microorganisms. There are certain foods that are more prone to growing yeast, mold or certain types of bacteria.
  3. Human pathogens: Human pathogens like E.coil, salmonella, hepatitis A or listeria could live on the unwashed surfaces of the fruits and vegetables you’re are about to eat. You can protect yourself from getting gravely ill by simply washing your fruits and vegetables well before eating them..

Generally, when you are handling fruits and vegetables,

  • Wash all produce thoroughly by gently rubbing under cold water or warm water.
  • Dry off excess water with a clean towel or paper towel.
  • When in doubt, throw out the fruit or vegetable. Tossing a couple cucumbers is worth avoiding a debilitating food borne illness.
  • Keep produce in the fridge after washing and cutting.

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