Why Healthy Eating?

A healthy diet is one that provides adequate nutrition of fluids, macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and calories. It covers the sum total of all the food we eat for the purpose of promoting and maintaining personal health, whether it has to do with weight loss or weight gain. A healthy diet also includes the food we eat or not eat in order to reduce the risk of certain diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and cancers.

The quality and quantity of food we eat have been proved to have a direct link to our overall health status. An infant who is not properly breastfed is at risk of suffering various physical, developmental and psychological problems. Likewise, young children suffer various degrees of the effects of malnutrition due to inadequate diet. Adults are also bound to be affected in many ways by an unhealthy diet.

There are standard recommendations as to how much energy foods, fats, free sugars, salt, fruits, vegetables and dietary fibers like whole grains that every individual is advised to take daily for an optimal general health. Taking too much or too little of any of these foods are the most common preventable causes of different non-communicable diseases (NCD).

Our diet may evolve or change from time to time depending on the present circumstances. A number of factors determine what kind of diet individuals adopt overtime. Individual needs and differences including age, gender, personal income, lifestyle choices, health status, level of physical activity and orientation (vegan or vegetarian) are the leading determinants of diet choices. Other linked factors that influence people’s choice of diet are cultural practices, the locally available foods and food prices.

To ensure a healthy diet, everyone of us must become more conscious and take responsible actions for the food we eat. Current trends in the society including the food industry compounds the risk of unhealthy eating habits and consumption of harmful chemicals in processed foods. The WHO have stated that promoting a healthy food environment and food system which promotes a diversified, balanced and healthy diet will require the involvement of multiple sectors and stakeholders including government, and the public and private sector. 

Nevertheless, at the individual level, your choice to eat right and healthy means your choice to good health.

General health tips as it concerns nutrition and diet that are purposed to help you and your family improve health and remain healthy are made available to you under this category.