Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles?

Many people wonder why they have puffy eyes and dark circles around their eyes. There are several reasons that may be responsible for that and I will highlight them in this article for you. But first, let’s try to define what puffy eyes and dark circles are.

Puffy eyes simply means swollen lower and upper eyelids; while dark circles are brown or black
discolorations of the eyelid.

What Causes Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles?

Puffy eyes and dark circles occur for many reasons. Some of the probable reasons why you have puffy eyes and dark circles include the following:

  • Inherited facial features.
  • Stress.
  • Eye Fatigue.
  • Individual skin characteristics such as skin texture.
  • Crying.
  • Excessive salt intake causes fluid retention.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Dehydration.
  • Sinus Problem.
  • Ageing.
  • Allergies that can cause inflammation/swelling.

Do Puffy Eyes Mean I Have a Medical Condition?

Having puffy eyes does not necessarily mean you have a problem that you need to be worried about. Many people inherited puffy eyes and dark circles. Also, it might just be an indication of older age. Ageing causes puffy eyes when fatty tissues that protect the eye ball in the socket pours out.

In addition, waking up from sleep can make your eyes look puffy, but that’s not something to worry about. When we are asleep, we don’t blink and that’s what causes the puffiness when we wake up from sleep.

However, when swollen eyelid occurs suddenly, it might be a sign you have an underlying medical problem
which needs to be evaluated by a medical expert. Some of the medical conditions that may be associated with swollen eyelids include:

  • Thyroid Disease.
  • Eye Allergies.
  • Eye infection such as Apollo.
  • Kidney Failure
  • Other systemic diseases.

What You Can Do To Treat Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

To find the best treatment for puffy eyes, you need to first find the underlying cause. This will require you to visit your doctor who will examine you properly to determine whether there’s an underlying condition.

If there’s any underlying medical problem causing your puffy eyes, the doctor will focus your treatment towards the problem and that should resolve the puffy eyes.

However, if after proper examination the doctor confirms your puffy eyes is inherited, you can opt for a cosmetic eyelid surgery to take care of the puffiness. Likewise, if the puffiness is caused by ageing, a cosmetic eyelid surgery is a viable option to discuss with your doctor.

Here are some other things you can do to treat puffy eyes:

  • Use eye drops to reduce irritation caused by allergies.
  • Drink water regularly to reduce dehydration.
  • Apply cold compress on eyelid.
  • Apply cucumber slice, chilled teabags, or potatoes over closed eyelids.
  • Reduce salt intake in your diet.
  • Eat potassium rich-food like bananas to eliminate excessive fluids in your body.
  • Splash cold water over your eyes and face.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Visit your optometrist regularly for comprehensive eye check-up.

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