USE OF FACE MASK: the right way to do it

Before now, face mask was something common to hospital workers. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the narrative today. Face masks now recommended for all citizens in almost all countries around the world today for the prevention of corona virus infection.

With social distancing still posing a challenge in most communities, other protective measures like hand washing and using face masks remain the most viable options for you. This article will help enlighten you on the proper way to use your face mask as you make the healthy choice of prevention of COVID-19 when you are out of the house or return home.

We have already previously discussed the 11 steps on how you can properly wash your hands as brought out by the WHO in a another article. You can read it and watch video demonstration.

Why is This a Relevant Topic For Discussion?

Mere observation on how people use face masks shows that there is a lot of ignorance on the proper and healthy way to use them as directed by WHO. Our conclusion is that most persons still don’t understand that as much as the face mask can be effective and protective, it can also be a means by which different microorganisms apart from the corona virus are spread.

Here are some ways through which you can wrongly handle your face mask:

  • Using it as a face cap. That is to say changing its position to the forehead.
  • Touching the surface while in use and not washing your hands if that was done unintentionally.
  • Adjusting the it by touching the surface and not using the elastic cord.
  • Removing it from its rightful position and bringing it down to your neck.
  • Putting it on and removing it without making use of the elastic cord.
  • Not washing your hands after removing it.

Watch video demonstration on how to properly wear and remove your face mask.

Parts of a Face Mask You Probably Didn’t Know and Their Uses

  • The Elastic band/cord: is the soft elastic cord that fits gently around the ear. Its main purpose is to adjust the face mask while on. Also, with the help of this cord, we are supposed to put on and take off the face mask.
  • Nose clip: Made of aluminium or other suitable materials. It is located at the upper part of the mask to enable a more custom-fitted mask when adjusted to the nose bridge. This part of the face mask helps create a secure seal for maximum protection.
  • Three layer fold: found at the outer surface of the mask, and helps provide a good filtration system that enables comfortable breathing.

Points To Remember

With the above mentioned, here is a summary on the important things to note:

  1. You should always make sure not to touch the surface and inner part of the face mask before putting it on to avoid contaminating it.
  2. It’s very important to wash your hands before attempting to put on the mask.
  3. Put on your face mask using the elastic cord, as demonstrated in the video above, and also to remove your face mask using the same process.
  4. If after putting on your mask you feel any discomfort, always re-adjust your mask using the elastic cord.
  5. Use your index finger from both hands to press the nose clip and adjust it to the nose bridge, to have a fitting mask and create a secure seal.
  6. With the help of the elastic cord, adjust the bottom part of the mask to cover your chin. A well place mask covers from the nose bridge down to the chin of any individual.
  7. Always throw face mask away in a waste bin and wash hands after.

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