Unripe Plantain as Remedy for Different Health Conditions

Plantain is widely cultivated and consumed in West Africa especially Cameroon and Nigeria. In Nigeria it is common in the south-south region of the country, it is in the family of genus Musa and is botanically called Musa paradisiacal. It serves as food and medicine and it can be fried, roasted or cooked – it can be cooked in the form of porridge or boiled and eaten with sauce.

Unripe plantain is almost everywhere around us, in the market, in our farms etc, yet it is not part of our menu. But of course, we are more familiar with the ripe than the unripe ones. Many children in many homes can not take plantain as food until it is ripe like banana. Unripe plantain is the one which is green colored.

UP is one of the foods we see around but neglect, due to the fact that its health importance apart from serving as food has not been a common knowledge. Though a type of meal, it is also both a curative and preventive measure to a host of illnesses. All you need to do is prepare it well with vegetable, fish, meat etc.

Also a great meal with a lot of nutritional values. Unlike the ripe plantain which is rich in carbohydrate and sugar, UP is filled with a host of essential body nutrients such as potassium, iron, vitamin B, magnesium, manganese, copper, riboflavin etc. Among the host of illnesses that UP can be helpful in the management include;


Healthy heart:

One of the health benefits of unripe plantain is the fact that green plantain help to improve the heart beat and its operation. Many green plantains mainly contain fibers which helps improve the flow of blood from the heart to other organs in the body including the heart. Eating unripe plantain prevent heart related diseases like hypertension and stroke.

Source of Vitamin B6:

Another health benefit of unripe plantain is that it helps to supply vitamins B6 to the body which helps to prevent diseases of the blood such as anemia. Unripe plantain contain high amount of vitamin B6 in it which act as antibodies that prevent shrinking of red blood cells and weakness of the body.

Prevent diabetes:

Unripe plantain helps to reduce the sugar contents in the body since they do not contain sugar. Unripe plantain contains active ingredients that reduce sugar related problems like diabetes which occurs when the insulin is being interfered with and reduce the effectiveness.

Boost adult experience:

Unripe plantain also help to increase sexual experience. Many of these green banana or plantain contain active substance that boost this experience in bed with one’s partner. If you need to be sky active sexually as a man or woman, you can begin to add some UP to your meal, but not totally unripe.

Prevent ulcer:

Part of the  health benefits of unripe plantain is that it contains various photo- chemical substances that prevent ulcer, especially when you cook or add UP to your meals.

Lower cholesterol:

If you add some green plantain to your meals it will help you reduce the cholesterol contents of your body. Green plantain contain high amount of fiber, water and no sugar in them and they still give energy without sugar, which is one interesting thing about UP.

It is advisable to cut down on surgery food or sweet food and adding some unripe plantain to your diet can help boost your immune system, help to increase blood circulation, prevent diseases, conserve weight loss to help you always stay fit and healthy. If you cannot eat it alone, you can add them to meals and this will also make you derive some health benefit out of them.

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