Top Health Benefits of Moi-Moi You Probably Did Not Know

How many health benefits of Moi-Moi do you know? Let’s discuss this a little bit and see what more you can learn. Well, Africa is a continent with many diverse ethnic groups which all have special foods linked to each specific ethnic group. For many tourist who have journeyed to Africa, the different local foods remain an unforgettable experience to them. Many of these local foods contain health beneficial nutrients which are worth studying. One of such local food is Moi-Moi. Moi-Moi is a popular African food produced from Beans and consumed by almost every body.

Moi-Moi have all the protein and energy sustaining power more than many other diets. They are light, refreshing and can be a healthy eating diet for infants and children in motherless homes. They attract numerous healthy eating companions such as poached eggs, lobster, fishes, roasted lamb or goat meat. Moi-Moi is often served at parties and cooked in hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurant etc. The most impressive of all is that Moi-Moi can be stored in the freezer for up to one month without going off or loosing it’s food values. They are traditionally cooked in many homes with no sugar and proportional amount of salt, pepper, tomatoes, palm oil and other condiments.

What are the Health Benefits of Moi-Moi

The discovery of Moi-Moi and its potential health benefits is incredible. Moi-Moi have always been a staple food in Nigeria from time immemorial without anybody paying close attention to their healthy benefits. Most Nigerians and Africans eat Moi-Moi with rice. Some people cook Moi-Moi with various fillings like eggs, fish or corned beef. All these contribute to make it even a richer diet.

Let us review briefly in this article some of the extraordinary health benefits of Moi-Moi which you may not known before.

Weight Loss

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Did you know that Moi-Moi is great for weight loss? Yes! if you are thinking about loosing your weight and concerned about which diets to go on, then Moi-Moi should be one of them. Moi-Moi is made up of beans and other assorted spices like eggs or fish which are all great weight loss food. It is very rich in protein and can easily fill up your stomach, making you eat less. Proteins make up 45% calories, which is good for weight loss.

Helpful to Diabetics

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Every part of beans is important and has certain health benefits you can derive from them. For example, beans skin has been shown to contain insulin which may be very helpful and beneficial to diabetics. This means it is not compulsory to remove the beans skin first before preparing your Moi-Moi because you may be loosing that extra health benefit.

Antioxidant Property


Although the hull is the outermost part of the beans, it also contains disease-fighting antioxidants, essential B vitamins and more dietary fibres. These antioxidants help to clear off free radicals from the body which are responsible for many diseases, including cancers.

Promotes Digestive Health

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One of the most obvious impact of eating Moi-Moi is experienced in the digestive tract. By now I am sure you know one of the effects of eating Moi-Moi is that promotes regular visit to the toilet. The reason is because of the high fibre content in beans. Fibre improves stool quality and promotes regularly emptying your bowels, thereby decreasing constipation. So making Moi-Moi part of your diet plan is one of the natural ways to maintain a healthy digestive system.

In addition, fibre also promotes satiety and have been demonstrated to help prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and various forms of cancer.

Moi-Moi Leaf Plant Benefit

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Many people like to use leaves to wrap their Moi-Moi during preparation. It will interest you to know that the leaf plant used to wrap Moi-Moi also have some very wonderful health benefits you can derive from them.

Nigerian researchers have demonstrated how Moi moi leaf plant (Thaumatococcus danielli) protects against the complications of diabetes such as kidney damage as well as liver failure. The researche published in the Journal of Biological Sciences and Science Alert has shown that Thaumatococcus daniellii seed is a natural source of antioxidant principles. It also showed that the in vivo antioxidant properties were favourable when compared to vitamin C, and this seed can be exploited for antioxidant bioactive components for the amelioration of liver and kidney diseases.

Moi-Moi is one of the healthy food found in Nigeria as well as other African countries, so if you are a lover of this delicacy, continue dieting with it because of it’s healthy Benefits to your body. To completely enjoy it’s health benefits, it’s better and safer to avoid palm oil. You can use fresh tomatoes or tomato puree for colouring and other ingredients depending on your preferences.

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