These Simple Exercises Keeps You Stronger Everyday

Medical experts have continued to emphasize the role of exercise in the maintenance of the overall health of our bodies. Even individuals with different medical conditions, include heart diseases, are encouraged to carry out some level of exercises as part of their none pharmacological therapy.

Not everybody can do the same type of exercises but everybody is required to do some form of exercises regularly. You should identify which type of exercise fits you best based on your special needs. There are specialist when it comes to exercises and body fitness that you can contact for their services. Talking to your doctor about which exercises to involve in during your hospital visits might be a good starting point.

Your body craves movement and it wants to get moving every single day.  Those aches and pains may be your body’s way of telling you to give it the attention it deserves and it doesn’t have to be a lot. Simply doing some simple exercises at least a few times a week which incorporates the basic actions of pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting and strengthening your core will help you keep your range of motion, strength and energy at optimum levels.

If you love your body, put it to work and it will thank you.  Here are some very simple exercises that can keep your body healthy and in good shape everyday. Before the workout you should warm up for 1 minute, do each exercise for 1 minute, with a 30 second rest in between each move.



This is a classic pushing exercise to train both motions, pushing and pulling to strengthen both the front and back of your body but with a little added balance challenge that is important to practice. As you age, this exercise will target your shoulders, back, arms, butt, and core. Start in modified push-up position, knees bent with hands slightly more than shoulder width apart and head, knees and hips in one long line. Bend elbows and lower chest to floor, keeping abs high and spine.



This pulling exercise will make everyday movement easier (like hauling groceries) and target all your back muscles. Stand with feet hip-width apart, slightly hinge forward from your hip flexures’, keeping your abdominals engaged to protect your low back. Pull the elbows straight back past your hips (keep arms close to the body and don’t let elbows wing out). Engage and squeeze your back to the start position with control.



This is a multi-tasking winner with which you work your legs, shoulders and your core while challenging your balance. Start in a low lunge position, knee bent and directly over ankle with back heel lifted, holding a weight in left hand with arm extended by left knee. Straighten right leg, lift left knee to hip height, and press weight overhead.



This exercise will help you in rotation of your core and oblique. Trunk rotation is another one of those moves you want to be able to do without thinking. Start seated with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, holding one weight with both hands in front of chest keeping spine long and abs tight. Lean back slightly and lift feet a few inches off the floor,  slowly twist torso to the right and bring weight beside right hip. Return to center then slowly twist to left and bring weight beside left hip.



Squatting down and lifting things over your head seems to be a pretty basic moves that we want to do for a lifetime.  Stand with feet shoulder –width apart and hold weights directly above shoulders, elbows bent lower into a squat, keeping abs tight and chest lifted then straighten legs and press weights overhead.

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