These Important Things Should Not Be Neglected About Diabetes

Certain things should not be neglected about diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which occurs when there is a relative or absolute deficiency of insulin. It is usually characterized by increased urination (polyuria), increased thirst (polydipsia), and also increased hunger (polyphagia).

People with diabetes have an abnormally high glucose level in the blood. This can cause problems for them if not properly controlled.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes, you will need to make several changes to your lifestyle and diet, in addition to taking your medications to control your sugar level.

Frankly, many people are still not well informed about the lifestyle changes and especially diet changes necessary for managing diabetes. I met a diabetic patient whose blood pressure kept shooting up, and after several investigations, we found out that his wife always made Akara for him.

According to the wife, that’s the only food she thought diabetic patients can eat for breakfast. So this got the man very worried about his condition, always agitating about how he will keep eating Akara this till he dies. We had to quickly change his mindset about living healthy with diabetes and educated him and his wife on how to mix his diet to balance the meal for him. Since then, this patient has been doing fine and no more Blood pressure complain.

Things Not To Be Neglected About Diabetes

There are important things that must not be neglected about diabetes. In this article, I will highlight briefly some of the ways you can live healthy with diabetes.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain good health and prevent all the complications associated with of diabetes. Because diabetes mellitus is a life-long condition, you need to learn how to effectively manage it. This will help you live a happy healthy long life.

Here are 6 important things that must not be neglected about diabetes.

Making healthy food choices

Eating very healthy food is very essential not only to diabetic individuals but even to everyone. Learn about carbohydrate counting and portion sizes. Carbohydrates are the food that have the highest tendency of raising your blood glucose level.

As much as possible, make every meal well balanced, a proper mix of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fats and oil. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for diabetes because they are low in carbohydrate. They also contain fibre that helps keep your blood sugar level more stable.

Maintain a healthy weight

When you are overweight or obese, it can have effect on your general health. Therefore it is very important that you work on loosing some of those extra pounds or excess fats. This plays a vital role in diabetic management.

You can talk to your doctor or dietitian about healthy ways to lose weight and avoid taking “magic weight loss drugs.”

Exercise regularly

Exercise is very important for everybody. Those with diabetes should take advantage of the benefits of exercise for better health. But engage in exercises that you derive pleasure in, for instance, dancing, long walk, swimming, jogging, house chores, gardening, stretching and balance, etc. These exercises help to keep you fit and keep your heart strong and build your muscles.

Exercising regularly 20-30 mins about 5 times in a week will help your general health. Regular exercise also helps your body to use insulin and helps your muscle use glucose (sugar) for energy.

Adhere to your drug regimen

Insulin and other diabetic drugs are used to maintain your blood glucose level. Ensure you store your insulin properly and take them as prescribed. If you are using oral drugs, it should as well be taken as prescribed at the right time and dosage.

You should also talk to your doctor about your drugs. He will enlighten you of the drug interactions, side effects and mode of action. If you are the type that easily forget to take your drugs, you can set an alarm as a reminder or ask someone at home to always serve you your drugs when due.

Visit the hospital regularly

Always try to visit the hospital according to your appointment with the doctor. Ask as much questions as you can for clarification. Also try to go with a very close friend or family member. They can help you follow all instructions given by your health care provider and to remind you of your next appointment date.

Some patients don’t like to do this, but visiting your doctor regularly will help him monitor your progress, and know whether to change your medications or add another medication to help keep your sugar level under control.

Be aware of the possible complications

Some of the complications common in diabetic individuals may include;

It is very important to know all these, so that when you notice any of the signs, you can quickly run to the hospital to be checked.


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