Scientist Make Progress in New Cancer Drug

Scientists at the University of Southern California and Nagoya University has revealed an experimental new drug can stop cancer cells from growing by disrupting their internal circadian clock.

The study is the latest among the many in recent times, aimed at reducing and possibly eliminating cancer entirely.


About Cancer

Cancers are a large number of diseases characterized by the rapid uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells with the potential to invade and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout your body.

The World Health Organisation in 2018 estimates 9.6 million deaths from cancer globally, making cancer the second leading cause of death.

Survival rates are improving for many types of cancers, thanks to improvements in cancer screening, treatment techniques and research.

Although there are no definitive methods to prevent cancers, studies have identified several ways of reducing the risk, including; engaging in aerobic exercise, avoid excessive sun exposure, eat a well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, maintain a healthy weight, regular cancer screening 



The Study

Our body’s biological clock is primarily regulated by the brain, however, recent research has suggested many other cells in the body contain their own independent circadian rhythms. It has been shown that disruptions in the body’s overall circadian rhythms can increase a person’s risk for a variety of diseases, so an international team of scientists wondered if circadian rhythms could be modulated to turn against cancer and disrupt its growth.

“In some cancers, the disease takes over the circadian clock mechanism and uses it for the evil purpose of helping itself grow,” explains Steve Kay.

According  to the study which was published in the journal Science Advances, scientists discovered a molecule GO289, that blocks the formulation of CK2 protein, which is known to promote cancer cell growth.

“This could become an effective new weapon that kills cancer,” says Kay.

The scientists experimented on human bone and kidney cancer and mice with acute myeloid leukemia, GO289  showed significant progress in inhibiting cancer cell growth. Inspite of their discovery it is hard to say the least , this research in the near future could be promising.




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