How Life Expectancy Age Can Be Improved in Nigeria

Life expectancy age refers to how long an individual, whether a man or a woman, is expected to live. In Nigeria today, life expectancy is ranked very low and poor. According to a report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018, the life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 54.7 years, female 55.7 years, and total life expectancy is 55.2 years. This gives Nigeria a World Life Expectancy ranking of 178. By implication of this report, it shows that Nigerians are not living up to the age they are meant to live.

Factors Responsible

The WHO report also stated the leading causes of death which are responsible for the low life expectancy age of Nigerians. These factors range from health issues to environmental and societal issues. They include

What Health Experts Say

Experts in the medical field believe that some of the food Nigerians eat exposes them to certain illnesses that are not good for our health. In addition, lack of exercise, poor diet routine, obesity which predisposes to hypertension, diabetes and others, all contribute to the low life expectancy age in the country. They also attribute stress as one of the enemies of long life in Nigeria. This they say, is largely as a result of the kind of workload many Nigerians have to engage in as they attempt to survive the high rate of poverty in the country. Others have added that the climate is not friendly because the weather is very harsh. Many Nigerians have to work under this harsh weather and this reduces their life expectancy.

Way Forward

Asians have the highest life expectancy. Some healthcare specialist are of the opinion that Nigeria’s life expectancy is pretty low compared to developed countries because of deplorable state of the healthcare sector in Nigeria. They believe that there is probably some genetic component to it and the only way the life expectancy can be improved in Nigeria is by providing better quality and affordable healthcare for the people.

There is also need to increase health promotion efforts in the country by educating Nigerians  on unsafe lifestyles and consequences such as:

If all the the right measures are put in place, then the  life expectancy age of Nigerians would be longer.

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