Editorial Policy

Overall Aims of Medtrend.org

Medtrend.org is an Internet site designed to provide up-to-date educational health information for the general public. The aim of Medtrend.org is to ensure that this information is reliable, integrated, and easy to access, read, and understand. Medtrend.org’s health information, or content, intended to provide the viewer with a better understanding of health issues.

Medtrend.org presents health information to meet the public’s general interest in the art and science of medicine. Medtrend.org answers questions and clarifies the health concerns of patients, their family members, and their friends. In fulfilling the growing need for health information, Medtrend.org provides viewers with explanations of medical issues that can, in turn, enable them to become more knowledgeable consumers of healthcare. Be aware, however, that information on Medtrend.org or any other web site should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on our site or any site.

With a team of writers and editors, experts in computer technology, and interactive software, Medtrend.org’s long-range goal is to build a worldwide electronic medical community for information exchange online.

Editorial Objectives of Medtrend.org

Medtrend.org uses advanced technology not only for its overall site presentation, but also for its content production. Medtrend.org editors take advantage of a unique electronic publishing environment that has been designed by Medtrend.org’s software technologists.

To ensure that Medtrend.org is objective, accurate, and current in the medical information it provides, its writers and editors work as a team. The content in each Medtrend.org article is critically scrutinized and edited by one or more editors. Only quality work of the highest caliber is accepted for publication on Medtrend.org.

Medtrend.org’s Editorial Team members each have extensive experience in the medical editorial process, as indicated in their biographies. The Medical Editorial Team will uphold and be responsible for the critical and essential nature of the editorial integrity of Medtrend.org.

To qualify for publication on Medtrend.org, material must be logically and clearly presented, written in lay language, and be as free of bias as possible. When writers or editors express personal opinions on Medtrend.org, these will be designated as such. Controversial topics may be presented, but every effort is made by the editors to ensure that a balanced view of each controversy is represented.

The content of Medtrend.org is not designed to offer viewers medical advice or promote anyone’s individual medical practice, programs, or agendas. Medtrend.org has no agenda to refer patients to particular health care programs, providers, or medical centers (community, university, government, or any others).

Content Production

Medtrend.org content is produced according to a strict multi-step production process that controls an article from the initial data to final publication.

After approval is given by the Medical Editorial Team for new content, or to update/review existing content, a specific medical editor is assigned to work with each writer.

A writer receives the assigned task, interacts with the assigned medical editor, and submits a draft of the text to the assigned medical editor.

The medical editor critically reviews the text and returns comments, questions, and deletions as well as revisions and specific requests to the author.

The medical editor may also seek the input of other members of the writing staff or Medical Editorial Team or outside reviewer.

After further review following any input from the writing staff or Medical Editorial Team, the final copy of the text is ready for publication.

Selection of Topics and Content

Medtrend.org content is determined by the Medical Editorial Team. They may select medical topics that they consider timely and appropriate for Medtrend.org. Topics are also generated in response to the interests and requests of Medtrend.org’s viewers, or the staff of Medtrend.org. Medtrend Health Medical Team members and writing staff involved in content production are separate and distinct from staff dedicated to advertisers or sponsors, and Medical Team members and writing staff do not perform duties on behalf of advertisers or sponsors.

Writer and Editor Compensation

Medical writers and editors receive compensation for content they have written that is published on Medtrend.org. Medical Editorial Team Members receive compensation for their work in site maintenance and content production.

Becoming a Medical Writer or Medical Editor for Medtrend.org

Medtrend Health content is arranged in various medical specialties. We are continually adding new content, and reviewing/updating existing content. Within this process, authors and editors work together to publish a final product that is as credible, relevant, and accurate as possible.


Medical Writers and Medical Editors

Medtrend.org provides abbreviated biographies of all the doctors who participate or have participated in the content production of the site.

Medical Editors and staff writers of Medtrend.org agree to disclose any financial relationships with any pharmaceutical or health products or services company to the Medtrend.org Editorial Team. Potential conflicts of interest will be monitored by the Medtrend.org Medical Editorial Team.

Medtrend.org does not accept payment for medical content, or content-production areas, from any commercial interests unless specifically identified as such on the site.

Sponsored Content and Advertising

In using our site, you will see that some content, buttons, badges and banners are labeled “Sponsored”, “From Our Sponsor” or “Advertisement”. This content has not been reviewed by the Medtrend.org Editorial Staff and is not subject to this Editorial Policy. Content, buttons, badges or banners labeled “From Our Sponsor” are subject to the policy governing Our Sponsors. Content, buttons, badges and banners labeled “Advertisement” are subject to our Advertising Policy.


Medtrend.org has as its highest goal the provision of excellent up-to-date educational articles about health matters that confront the general public today.

Finally, the Medtrend.org Medical Editorial Team encourage viewers to scrutinize and criticize the content on the Medtrend.org site. If necessary, information will be clarified. Every effort will be made to correct any material errors, confusions, or misunderstandings.