COVID-19: Nigeria Records First Death

Breaking News from NCDC.

A 67-year-old man who came back to Nigeria in March after undergoing medical treatment in the UK had died, the NCDC said in a tweet, while updating on COVID-19 cases in Nigeria.
He had underlying health conditions including including cancer, diabetes and had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments, the statement from the agency said.
The Organization confirmed a total 36 cases, 33 in isolation and 2 discharged after full recovery.
State Governments have ordered closure of schools in an effort to prevent local transmission of the virus.
Universities are shut down, and banks across the country are taking measures to limit the crowd, while other institutions are weighing the work-from-home option.
All civil servants in non-essential roles have been ordered to work from home for at least two weeks in Lagos State, a mega-city of around 20 million people.

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