COVID-19 : Keeping Safe Amidst Social Distancing and Isolation Challenges.

Much have been said about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Citizens are expected to keep themselves protected against this virus by ensuring strict compliance to the several safety measures that have been brought out by the World health Organization. Some of these measures seem to be more generally accepted by the population more than others. All around the world, people look to have more comfortably welcomed and accepted the personal hygiene measures much more than the social distancing measures. People can now easily be seen walking around with face masks, carrying hand sanitizers and washing their hands more regularly than they normally would before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world beginning in China late December 2019.

But when it comes to social distancing and isolation, there is still a very huge compliance problem by the citizens, so much so that the government and law enforcement authorities have to take some form of coercion to get citizens to stay at home. It is quite understandable as to why there is still a widespread violation of the social distancing and isolation laws despite the spike in global infection and death figures. Well, humans are innately socially inclined and clearly, never envisioned a time where they will be asked not to shake hands with their friends, mingle with new people or visit their loved ones in other cities.

Most people cannot stay alone by themselves in one place for more than an hour because they’re so used to a social pattern of life. Many people also have a craving for large crowd gatherings like music concerts, parties, religious gatherings and even the office environment, going for that early morning jogging, spending that one hour at the gym, relaxing at the bar, eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at your favourite restaurant. With all these, Little wonder, adapting to these social distancing and isolation laws is proving very difficult for most people. It seems nobody was prepared for such “new social life.” Notwithstanding, there is a need for people to take responsibility to keep themselves and others safe from the infection.

Isolation and social distancing might also seem impossible for individuals because of economic reasons. Many citizens are unwilling to abide by these measures because they feel they need to go out and make a living to provide for themselves and their families. This is especially the case for people who are not salary earners but get their incomes on daily basis through their businesses. 

What Then Can You Do To Keep Yourself And Others Safe Amidst The Challenges of Social Distancing and Isolation?

As stated earlier, the most effective measure against this pandemic is isolation and social distancing. This article aims to highlight and explain to an extent the various measures put in place to prevent COVID-19. 

The advocacy is for you to stay at home so that you can stay safe, at least until an effective solution is found for the COVID-19 pandemic. You are to only go out only when absolutely necessary like to re-stock your food supply or medications. But there are still other measures to be adhered to in addition to staying at home. These are measures one can take when social distancing and isolation cannot be readily applied at the given circumstance. However, these other measures do not necessarily guarantee a 100% safety.

Important Things We Do Know About COVID- 19

  • It is a highly contagious disease, caused by the coronavirus which is transmitted from person to person through the mucous membrane.
  • This virus is also capable of living outside the human body on different surfaces for a maximum of 8 hours.
  • There is actually no cure for this disease as at yet, neither is there a vaccine to prevent it.
  • Treatment at the moment has only been based on the symptoms the patient
  • There are steps people can take to protect themselves from the virus.

3 Important Measures You Can Take Against COVID-19

Some of the measures necessary against COVID- 19 that you can take include isolation or social distancing, washing of the hands, and use of face mask and glasses. Let us briefly consider each of these and their importance in the fight against COVID-19.

Isolation or Social Distancing

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This covers the issue of avoiding any kind of social gathering and maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between you and others at all times. It is important because of the long incubation period of this disease which is between 5 to 14
days before symptoms are shown in an infected person.  The disease can easily be transmitted between family members and friends even when an infected person has not started showing symptoms. You are adviced to maintain a reasonable distance with people having Flu like symptoms, and self-isolate yourself if you think you might have come in contact with the virus before calling the health agency.

Hands Washing

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As explained in one of our published articles, the use of detergents helps breakdown the protein barrier of this virus, thereby leaving it inactive and making infection impossible. Adequate Washing of the hands with Soap and Water to break
this protein barrier should be for a minimum for 30 seconds. One of the most asked questions around handwashing today is, when should we wash our hands? 

important times in our daily life where we should consider washing our hands includes the following:

  • You should wash your hands often after a visit to any commercial place.
  • Right after sneezing, blowing your nose and coughing, it is adviced to wash
    your hands.
  • Most importantly you should wash your hand before touching your face or if
    possible avoid touching your face all together.

The use of hand sanitizer which has right about 70% alcohol has proven to be effective against this virus. Thus, cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer is highly recommended. Likewise, using disinfectants to clean surfaces like tables, door handles and so on is recommended.

Use of Face Mask

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Above are the different types of face mask and they all serve the same purpose. Some are for refinery workers, others for construction workers and medical practitioners. The simplest of them all is good enough to prevent micro particles from getting to our mouth and nose if they are used adequately. Initially face mask was recommended only for the sick to prevent them from spreading the disease. But now it is highly recommended for every citizen of a state where infected cases have been diagnosed.

The correct use of a face mask include the following:

  • It is to be used while going out to commercial places, such as the
  • A face mask should cover properly the nose and the mouth. The
    use of glasses is also recommended so as to avoid touching the eyes.
  • The face mask should be thrown away after use, and while in use you
    should avoid touching the surface of the mask only use the handle.
  • After throwing away your mask you should wash your hand

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