COVID-19 : Australian Health Officials “Cautiously Hopeful” of Flattening Curve

Health authorities in Australia have expressed cautious optimism that Australia may be able to limit the domestic coronavirus outbreak, as the death toll reaches 34 including three more deaths linked to the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

However, senior officials have warned against complacency or relaxing social distancing rules too early.

Australia’s chief medical officer Professor Brendan Murphy said the number of cases in Australia rose by 139 on Sunday, to a total of 5,687 cases. About 2,000 of those cases are of people who have completely recovered.

“That is probably the lowest rise we’ve had for a few days and it does tend to continue the trend we’ve seen of flattening of the curve,” Murphy said.

He added: “We’re increasingly confident that if people continue to adhere to what we’ve been asking them to do we can prevent a situation like we’ve seen in many other country of the world.”

However Murphy said he remained concerned about community transmission, which accounted for 10% of cases in Australia.


Sourced From The Guardian

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