Corporate Wellness : What Employers and Employees Can Do

Most employers want to see their employees perform at maximum capacity and for their business to save cost. This is what makes corporate wellness such an indispensable aspect of running a business corporation. To show how relevant this is, July 1 to July 5 every year have been earmarked to celebrate corporate wellness week all around the world. The aim is to ensure that employers take the health well-being of their employees paramount. It also seeks to encourage employees to participate more actively in the corporate wellness programs organized at their work places.

In this article, we will briefly talk about what corporate wellness is. We will also talk on what employers need to do and what employees need to do to ensure a successful wellness program. It will be useful to mention some reasons why corporate wellness is unsuccessful in some companies. These information should help guide you as an employer or employee on how to approach corporate wellness to enjoy all its benefits.

Corporate Health and Wellness

This is also called workplace wellness, and it refers to any health promotion activity or company policy designed to promote healthy behaviour or improve health outcomes of employees at work. It covers making sure that your employees are healthy and that the working environment is also healthy. Studies have proved that you get better employee productivity and an increased organizational performance when you have a workplace wellness program in place.

Corporate wellness targets the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of your employees at the workplace. There are numerous wellness programs that can be designed to suit the unique needs of your employees well-being. Activities like health education, medical screenings, weight and fitness management programs at the work place are components of corporate wellness. Providing good lightening at work, allowing rest times, making on-site kitchen available with healthy food options for employees can also form part of your wellness program.

Generally, the benefits of this include

  • Reduction in healthcare costs.
  • Reduction in health-related absenteeism.
  • Reduced employee stress.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Increased working morale.
  • Stronger team bonding between employees.


Why Corporate Wellness is Unsuccessful in Some Companies

Anne Marie Kirby, the chief executive officer of CoreHealth Technologies, elaborated 5 reasons why workplace wellness fail in many organization. They include

  1. Most companies have failed to make employee health and well-being part of their corporate strategy.
  2. Company leaders have not led by example when it comes to healthy living and involving themselves in the companies wellness programs that are organized.
  3. There is ineffective communication in most companies about corporate wellness, the rationale behind it and the benefits it holds for employers and employees.
  4. Many wellness programs have been poorly designed. They do not suit the specific needs of the employees and hence, are poorly implemented.
  5. Employers are not patient enough to allow the wellness program influence employees healthy living lifestyle. They want an overnight result to eradicate habits that took employees many years to be formed.

What Employers Should Do

As an employer, investing in corporate wellness for your employees can help you save health insurance cost. A carefully designed and properly implemented wellness program can foster the general performance of your company. Getting corporate wellness service provider is better than you trying to do it yourself. They help tailor the wellness program to suit your employees specific needs. They will also do a better job at following up with employees to encourage their participation and adherence to healthy living.

You also want to ensure that corporate wellness is a component of your organizational culture. Make healthy living part of how you do your business. Most employees will participate in a wellness program if you as the boss or manager is seen to be actively taking part in health education, medical screenings and fitness programs organized.

What Employees Should Do

Many employees spend most of their day at work place. Balancing work and life can become a problem for many. Some also have bad lifestyle choices that pose a threat to their health. Corporate wellness programs are designed to help you as an employee enjoy your work and live healthily at the same time. Unfortunately, studies have shown that employees shun these programs except where there is an external motivation like financial incentives.

There are wellness programs which are tailored towards relatively healthy employees. You can benefit from activities such as

If you are an employee with poor health or risk factors for poor health, you can benefit from wellness programs like

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