How to Tackle Emotional Stress in Children

Stress may be a response to a negative change in a child’s life. In small amounts, stress can be good. But, excessive stress can affect the way a child thinks, acts, and feels. Children learn how to respond to stress as they grow and develop. Many stressful events that an adult can manage will cause stress in a child. As a result, even small changes can impact a child’s feelings of safety and security. Pain, injury, illness, and other changes are stressors for children. Here are some facts: Stress causes…

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Sexual Abuse in Children – risk factors and how to detect it

Child sexual abuse has become a major issue of public interest worldwide. It can  take place in a variety of settings. Many of the cases of sexual abuse in children usually occurs in the homes of the children.  Furthermore, it can also take place in schools, or work, where child labor is common. Most noteworthy, child marriage is known as one of the main forms of child sexual abuse. There are other different types of child sexual abuse and a few include: Engaging in sexual activities with a child. Indecent…

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