Breast Tenderness During Menstrual Periods

There is absolutely no cause for alarm experiencing breast tenderness during menstruation because breast tenderness is not attributed to pregnancy only. A lot of women experience breast tenderness during menstrual periods. However, this can disrupt ones daily life and can worsen if not given the necessary attention, hence, it is important to understand breast tenderness in order to deal with it effectively. This brief article provides useful and important information about breast tenderness during menstrual periods.


Quick Facts About Menstrual Breast Tenderness 

  • Breast tenderness during menstruation is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels, particularly estrogen.
  • Two out of three women will experience breast tenderness during menstruation at some point of their lives.
  • Changes in lifestyle can help prevent or alleviate breast tenderness.

Breast tenderness is pain, soreness, or any discomfort experienced in the breasts. Sometimes it is generally associated with swelling. A certain degree of breast tenderness is normal during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding and only very rarely does it indicate an underlying condition that would require medical attention.


What Brings About Breast Tenderness During Menstruation? 

Breast tenderness during menstrual periods can be caused by various factors;

Unbalanced levels of estrogen and progesterone are the main cause of cyclical breast tenderness – that is, pain that consistently accompanies menstruation.

On the other hand, non-cyclical breast tenderness is either constant or doesn’t follow a regular pattern, and is therefore unrelated to menstruation. This type of breast tenderness may have a completely different underlying cause.

Finally, the major cause of breast tenderness during menstruation is hormonal imbalance. Normally, when estrogen is down and progesterone is up, breasts begin to retain fluids, and therefore get slightly bigger and may feel swollen and tender and this means that once normal hormone levels are resumed, the symptom will eventually go away.

Because the most common cause of cyclical breast tenderness is hormonal imbalance, maintaining an overall healthy endocrine system will be just the right key to preventing and treating it.


How You Can Prevent Breast Tenderness During Menstruation 

As earlier said, since hormonal imbalance is the most likely cause of breast tenderness during menstrual periods, the first step is to ensure your body has the support it needs to maintain good hormone levels, therefore, it’s important to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes things such as:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Wearing a bra that is the right size and offers proper support
  • Reducing consumption of caffeine and alcohol
  • Eating more fresh fruit, vegetables, and fiber


A healthy lifestyle helps prevent breast tenderness during menstrual periods, as it will help the endocrine system regulate itself properly too.



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