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Thinking About Advertising?

Since you are here, it means you are already thinking about advertising your business product, service or brand. Perhaps you are currently thinking about just wanting to create more awareness of a special promotion, special offers or other activities going on in your enterprise.  Well, whatever the case may be, you can take advantage of our advertising packages on Medtrend Health to achieve your marketing and business/brand promotion goals.

Why Advertise With Us?

  • We have the right niche: Medtrend Health is fast growing to become the number one health information hub in Nigeria and the African sub-region. We have a niche that have both relevance and credibility which attracts a very diversified local and diaspora community audience.
  • Loyal followers: Our audience include experts in the various fields of medicine and healthcare delivery. Not to mention the multitudes in the general public who stay connected to Medtrend Health everyday for health updates and learning purposes. All these people form our catalog of visitors, followers and subscribers.
  • Visible digital and social media presence: Apart from the Medtrend Health website, we leverage our various social media platforms to extend our reach. 
  • Target your specific audience:  Depending on your brand and marketing objectives, we calibrate our advert deployment tool to display your adverts in the specific state, region or country you prefer and the specific positions you want them to appear. Our deployment tool also allows you to run multiple advertising campaign on one single advert space to maximize your advertising coverage.
  • Best competitive Advert rates: We have a range of affordable advertising packages you can choose from depending on your marketing budget and the length of your advertising campaign.

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising has over the years proven to be very effective in promoting brands, services and offers. We offer advert spaces for rental which gives you the opportunity to run your advertising either as a single campaign or multiple campaigns configured as one single transaction over a per-determined period of time. Click Advert Placements, Positions & Sizes for more insight. On Medtrend Health, we give you the best platform to reach our audience online with your brand, product, service or offers, and in creating HEALTH AWARENESS, PROMOTING HEALTH and HEALTHY LIVING.

Get Value For Your Advertising

When it comes to online advertising of your businesses, brands, products and services, you can use the advert space rental model to achieve your set goals. This model saves cost, increases visibility and provides a value-for-money outlay. You can go ahead with your day’s job and allow your advert to do the work you want it to do for you. You can use your advert to inform our audience about your business or brand, get them aware of the current activities trending, direct them on how they can locate or contact you.

Ads Placements

Contact us for further questions or inquires. In addition, visit our Advertising Policy Page to see if you meet our Advertising standards.