10 Things You Should Not Hide From Your Nurse

Nursing is a noble profession. We care for the total man – spirit,soul and body. A nurse cares and nurtures for all the patients that come into the hospital. As a nurse, I derive this happiness when I get along with all my patients.

Patients need to be free with their nurses and not to hide anything from them. This is because nurses are in the hospital to care for you and make sure you regain your health as soon as possible. For every patient that visits the hospital, the nursing goal is that they all feel better and go back to their homes.

Things You Should Not Hide From Your Nurse

Whiles at the hospital, your nurse may question you about a number of issues. Don’t get upset at them but provide honest answers because it can affect the outcome of your condition. When you  also have some questions of your own, be bold to speak out and talk to them.

Here are 10 important things you should not hide from your nurse.

1. How you feel about your present health condition

Do not keep anything away from your nurse concerning how you feel to avoid worsening your condition. Opening up to your nurse will help you recover as soon as possible because the right treatment will be instituted.

2. Any underlying condition

Do not keep any underlying ailment from your nurse. Telling them other unknown ailments you may be having will provide better insight on how to care for you holistically.

In addition, if you have any communicable infections, opening up will help your nurse not to put others at risk of contacting that ailment.

3. Any personal issue

 In a case whereby you are facing any problems from family or work that could be making you worried or depressed, all these can delay your healing process. By sharing your problem with your nurse, he or she may profer a solution to your problem and teach you how to manage stress.

4. Whatever you don’t like about your nurse

 As a patient, you should be free to explain how you feel about your nurse. Quietly disliking them might make you not to find any of their care helpful. This may impact negatively on your recovery and prolong your stay in the hospital.

Your nurse should be your friend because your health is in his or her hands. If you keep avoiding your nurse because you dislike them, it is possible that your attitude towards them may make them function poorly. Some may find themselves forgetting to serve your drugs, which can impact on your condition and prolong your stay in the hospital.

5. Advice from your nurse concerning your health

As a patient, you can always seek advice from your nurse about living healthy. They have been professionally trained in healthcare and has cared for so many patients with your similar condition and several others. This puts your nurse in a better position to explain to you how to prevent or go about your condition if you are not sure of what to do. They can also help convey some of your questions to the doctor for clarifications.

6. Your general perception towards your nurse

As a patient always let your nurse know how you feel about him or her. If its a good thing that he or she has done, appreciate them. Your commendation helps boost their efforts and joy in serving you better.  But if its a bad thing you don’t like, make them know so that they can amend and be a better.

7. When confused about making decision

 You may be having several challenges in making decision about a particular thing. Your nurse may be of help to you if you ask for their opinion. However, ask your questions with discretion to things that pertain to your health and stay in the hospital.

It is not advisable that patients put all their personal life out there for the nurses, especially since some may not be what you think when they are not on duty.

8. If you are not comfortable with your bed space

As a patient, if you are admitted in a bed or an environment you don’t like, it is your right to decide or choose where you want to be. The nurse will decline your request only when the space is already occupied or reserved for other patients.

9. If anyone threatens you in the hospital

Whiles on admission, do not hide from your nurse when anyone threatens to harm you, either a friend, family member, hospital workers or fellow patient. This is because as long as you are on admission, your safety and health is their number one priority.  So don’t hesitate to inform your nurse on such matters of threat.

10. About a procedure

For any procedure that will be carried out on you, don’t hesitate to always ask of its implications and benefits to your health. It is your right to be informed before your nurse does anything on your body and also to give you an explanation for the procedure.

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